Thursday, December 7, 2017

Beyond Drawings: The Olmsted Archives as Muse and Vision

Lucinda Brockway
Cultural Resources Program Director, The Trustees of Reservations


The Olmsted Archives hold one of the richest resources for protecting and understanding America’s cultural landscapes. Preservation efforts over the last twenty years have vastly increased and enhanced access to this astonishing resource for visitors, scholars and landscape professionals. Today, digitization of plans and drawings, photographs and correspondence is bringing the Archives from the vault to the computer screen at an exciting pace.

But the Olmsted Archives—over 1,000,000 records in a wide range of media—are so much more than digital assets or fragile rolls of paper. Trade catalogs, material samples, procedural manuals, employment records, even cartoons, provide a window into a century of technical expertise and design sources from a notable working office whose relevance will continue for generations.

lucinda-brockwayLucinda Brockway, noted garden designer, landscape historian, and preservation specialist, began her career with an internship at Fairsted as it moved from a design office to part of the National Park Service. The Olmsted Archives play an invaluable role in her current work as Cultural Resources Program Director for The Trustees of Reservations, as they did in her previous private design practice. In this presentation, Lucinda will bring her research stories to life, illustrating the relevance of the Archives to historic preservation projects and design work, both present and future.

Image credit: © 2017

Thank you to Wheelock College for their generosity in hosting our lectures.


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