Remembering Dave England

Photo: Dave England, photo courtesy of Alan Banks Dave England was the first volunteer recruited at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in 2002, and he became a founding member of the Friends of Fairsted. Dave turned his hand to any task that presented itself. He prepared our tax returns, hosted committee meetings around the wood stove in his tiny Brookline home, even organized our field trip to Acadia National Park when we visited to learn from their Friends organization how to be a real Friends group.

Dave grew up as an Eagle Scout in Alamogordo NM and he returned to that desert landscape after retiring from his professional life in Brookline. He volunteered at a number of western National Parks, finally serving as a campground host at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. A few months before his death in 2018, Dave wrote thanking the people at Fairsted for setting him on the path to his retirement “career” as an NPS volunteer. Dave’s final gift to the Friends of Fairsted was a generous bequest and we are deeply grateful for it and for all of his support over the years.

Fairsted Reading Room Highlights

A sample list of books available in the Fairsted Reading Room is coming soon.